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I waited a couple of washes to write this review so I know I’m accurate.

First time coming in was a year ago in the other location and it did not work, washed it once and it went right back to normal. At the time I did not know they would have re done it if I called within two weeks otherwise I would have called. I just thought my hair had no hope lol

Second visit was much much better! The ladies were so great and knowledgeable. They wanted to make sure my experience this time would be better and it was. The Brazilian treatment was recommended for my hair type. It took about 3 hrs because now they wash your hair after the treatment because they want to be sure it works.
After that my hair was sleek, straight and soft.
Now this is not what it’s going to look like all the time so don’t be unrealistic with expectations.
The treatment is supposed to cut down styling time and minimize frizz and volume.

3 weeks later my hair is still wavy but much less frizzy. Volume also went down and my hair looks shinier. It’s been a while since I’ve been okay with walking out of the house with natural hair so I’d say it’s worth the splurge 🙂

Suzanne O.

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Enjoy deeply reparative and conditioning benefitb3s for up to 12 washes!
b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner
is an innovative professional salon
service specifically formulated for use
with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to help
provide immediate repair and long-lasting
conditioning for extremely damaged
and chemically treated hair.

Great to do before the Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

Only $50 add on

Are you in search of silkier, shinier, smoother hair?

At The Smoothbar we offer 10 different types of smoothing treatments. Some of the more popular treatments like the Original Brazilian Blowout at $149 to the harder to find Chocolate Keratin treatments. We offer something for everyone. Smoothbar is the first hair salon in the USA to integrate a central fume extractor that reduces toxic fumes from the air. Because we are the first hair salon to specialize in hair smoothing treatments, we pride ourselves in being experts and leaders in the hair smoothing industry. Our San Diego stylists are knowledgeable in every hair smoothing treatment currently in the market. Through a consultation we will happily guide you to the treatment that is a perfect match for your hair!   Smoothbar offers wine, coffee, tea, soda, beer and an Ipad Mini at every station for clients

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