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​The Smoothbar offers all of the latest and most high-quality hair smoothing treatments in the industry. From the Brazilian Blowout to Global Keratin. The SmoothBar has highly trained certified staff to serve every clients hair needs.
The Smoothbar is a one of a kind salon and the first in the industry to solely focus on hair-smoothing treatments. With the knowledge that hair smoothing was more than a trend, but a long term solution for many peoples hair troubles, Stacey had the amazing concept to open a salon that could specialize in just these delicate treatments.

Hair Smoothing treatments can be complicated if not used correctly and paired with the right hair types. With the most highly trained staff in the area The Smoothbar’s certified stylists are familiar with all of the latest products and techniques in the hair smoothing industry. Each stylist also undergoes extensive training on individual hair types and how to pair each client with the right product for them. By understanding these associations between products and hair types stylist are able to give The Smoothbar clients not only hair that looks good, but also hair that is healthy and strong.

Stacey envisioned a salon that kept her staff and customers comfort in mind. To achieve this, she went to great lengths to create a modern welcoming environment that took into account that clients receiving treatments would be spending up to 3 hours in the salon. She had iPads put in at each station for her clients to enjoy and set up a beverage service serving wine, coffee, water, beer and soda.
When designing the salon Stacey also wanted to be sure her staff and clients were not only comfortable but safe while using extensive amounts of hair products. With this in mind she had a specialized fume extraction system designed and installed to her salons. The ceiling based system pulls and extracts chemical fumes from the salon to protect her staff and clients from breathing them in and causing discomfort.  ​

Stacey Zayas



“Smooth hair is a style that just doesn’t seem to come or go – it’s always fashionable. I’m also thrilled to say we’ll be the first salon in California to specialize exclusively in Brazilian Keratin treatments.”


Smooth Bar Salon Staff

The Smoothbar is the first salon in the nation to specialize entirely on hair-smoothing treatments.

Smooth hair is a style that just doesn’t seem to come or go – it’s always fashionable, and that’s a big plus in our industry. I’m also thrilled to say we’ll be the first salon in California to specialize exclusively in Brazilian Keratin treatments.

The Smoothbar has the highest possible safety standards for the salon industry. While many smoothing treatments release unhealthy fumes into the air, we  feature a unique fume extraction system designed to pull fumes and byproducts from the air and filter them out before release back into the atmosphere.

Read Press Release – October 9, 2014